For all his genius, Dr. Flips can't stay out of trouble. His experiments with the mirror dimension ended with the mirror gate exploding into pieces. Now he must collect all the shards before the barrier between our worlds is forever broken...

Flip Flop is the official winner of Gamedev.js Jam 2021


Arrow keys — move

Z — jump / advance dialogue

X — activate the mirror dimension / speed up dialogue

F — toggle fullscreen


Art & coding: @FeatureKreep

Music: Meat Automaton

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Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(65 total ratings)
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, Casual, Puzzle-Platformer
Average sessionA few seconds

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I love the style of the pixel art and animations! very cool concept

I softlocked myself on level 1 LOL so maybe add a restart button

Fun game. I love the filter when you pass into the mirror dimension, definitely added to the game.

Make a part 2!

Cool concept, pretty short game so I beat it in a few minutes.

Very fun game

i want to install it

Absolutely adored this one. Great mechanic, graphic and music as always. Nice ending too, very sisiphus like. 

like it

cant move


Hm, I should really update the game.

Cute and charming art style and really fun gameplay. Perfect for a short play session.


The game is nice and cool

(The ending is a bit funny lol)

Nice game!, I liked the concept and the dialogue of Dr. Flips was awesome.

Excellent game ! The art is great, the game is well polished. I like that music has an effect when entering the flipside. I like the top mirror indicator, it gives a good indication of the progression.

Really well made game.

Nice game with lovely artwork

nice, but too easy 

it have a glitch: when i die before the portal open, i can't pass level and the diamond keep follow me

I'd love to see this become a full commercial game with more varied level themes

Same :) I will be working on it for sure, you can see some concepts for future level themes on my twitter:

Good grief, I’m not the only one who uses the z-key for jumping and the x-key for other things

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I had fun! somehow my mirror turned off while I was inside of a block that got erased and I ended up soft locked

I restarted and beat it, very fun game!

Yes, I am aware of this bug, but still thanks for letting me know :)

Really nice game... music is also very interesting (the way it changes when you are in the mirror part)

Deleted 2 years ago

Thanks for your kind words! You're right, there are ways to make this game more challenging, which I will do once I get around to making a full version. Stay tuned!

very nice!

Well done! :)

Charming and well tuned gameplay, feels fantastic to play.

Short and really sweet game, I love the concept and its elegant application!


I loved the art style. It reminded me of rhythm heaven or kirby. The dialog was funny and the puzzles were great.

I really loved the puzzle aspect of it.

I fell in love with that little Dr.... :) Nice short game, hope it will be long in the future.

Great game! Very charming and fun. Only the controls are a bit weird to me and I´d love gamepad controls ;)

On of the best games I ever played! Genius concept, perfect execution, I’m so amazed!


Woah! I love the GBA aesthetic of the game! Great humour too! 

Wow! A really polished one with great mechanics and smooth controls and animations ;)

Nice work - this is really good. Slick graphics, mechanics and it's easy to pick up.  

This game is really cool ! I just found one bug when I mirror some spike at the 2nd levels with spikes, some of them stayed when the mirror effect was finish x).

Anyway it was really fun and it's an amazing concept wiith cool graphism! 

Well done !


Thanks to you, this bug is now fixed. Cheers!

The game is stuck on "I'll need alot ducktape for that" par

Hm, works on my end. All you need to do is press Z. Just in case, make sure that the game is in focus by clicking on the viewport.

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That's pretty good, but in the final it can't replay.

Sorry, what do you mean by that?

I mean in the final part of the game.