Help Rosetta Stone, an agent of the Alien Language Preservation Society, overcome the language barrier and write a complete dictionary of the Thesauri language. Listen to what the citizens of Thesaurus have to say and try to deduce the meaning of their speech from context.

Note: Best played in fullscreen!

Placed top 5 at the Lost Relic Game Jam 2022 (theme: Connection)


WASD/Arrow keys — movement

Mouse — everything else


Art & coding: @FeatureKreep

Music: @ClementPanchout

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Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(85 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, Aliens, Cute, Funny, Indie, Pixel Art, Retro


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"English, melon farmer ! Do you speak it?" xD
Very good, very clever game.
I had a bug though, my notebook disappeared mid-game :(

Nice, would totally buy this if it was a full game

17:41, 25/25 and got 96%. I put goodbye instead of bye.

Very fun

23 minutes and 96% accuracy! :D first try

21 minutes and 88% accuracy, I've never claimed to be an *expert* in communication. I guessed please wrong, and wasn't able to come up with a guess for help or sorry, but I figured everything else out correctly. Fun and creative game!

100% correct, first try! In 32:18!

awesome game, especially for a jam!!


Great game! In the end, instead of checking how "correct" the translations are, I think it would be more interesting to test the player's knowledge of the language.

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I wrote "cat" instead of "kitty" and after I got all of the other words, I couldn't go back to the only conversation with "tairu", so I got 92% in 20 minutes. Other than that, great game!

Also, it would be interesting if the words were randomly shuffled every run, so any word could mean anything.

100% 25/25 on my first try, 25 minutes! Super fun play!

100% 25/25 first try ! Great game, had a lot of fun !

S2 S2 S2


For MASSI, it should count as bye or goodbye. I got that one wrong, as I put goodbye instead of bye.


92% on my first go, though!


76% in 21 minutes. Interesting concept would love to have a longer version

lol off topic but zilonis means elephant in my language

es zinu .. 

latviesi nekad nebutu gaidijis

Oh, you guys are from Latvia? I'm from Estonia, so we're practically neighbors :D

omg cool! we love our baltic brothers and sisters!! also, your game is really amazing, absolutely loved it <3


This was an amazing game, and I hope other people expand on the concept.

this is an amazing game, though it stumped me when there were still a few lines left even though it was all completed, i got mawku wrong because i wrote kitten ;-;

80% accuracy

Nice game. The only ones I got wrong were "give" instead of "please" and  color" instead of "help"

I too had the same problem.

I got colour instead of help as well.


In other conversations, like the one before you save the cat, waatu was used too, so it couldn't be "color".

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Gabu laqot this game!

I’m sure i have a good time melqita this game ;)


That was so good! I would totally pay for a full game!!

That was fun! I never would have gotten stona, except by guessing. Cool game.

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For some reason the dictionary doesn't count one of the words as goodbye, but instead, just "bye"? It's like how others complained that the word for kitty doesn't count "cat".

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Wow FeatureKreep!!! This game was soooo good! I loved this. I played it twice and wish so much there was more. I am a language lover and this really got my gears going! Such a cool concepts. reminds a bit of Obra dinn. could have had a function to like that game that can verify that guess is right.. anyway so so good! Thanks! Consider making a full elaborate game of this with bigger world that slowly unfolds more and more words!
Good job!:)

Is there no way to delete a definition if you typo? (or mean to type somewhere else but forgot to press enter?) Backspace doesn't work.

It does work, You need to click on the definition again.

really cool game!


Apparently "cat" is not a viable synonym for "kitty". I had 23/25 right, and cat was one of the wrong ones. 


I'll make sure to account for synonyms, thanks for the feedback!

(7 edits) (+1)

25/25 84% 


Massi Bye-> Goodbye 

Kumo Pork -> Green  -oops- 

Deyu Green -> Deyu 

Mawku Kitty -> Cat 

how am I supossed to get kumo though :C 


Hmm, I’ll add some synonyms to make the scoring more fair.

As for pork, you can read one of the signs to help you figure out what Thesauri like to eat. Look at the store owner’s stand, see what’s missing there and and pay attention to his dialogue.

Quite a cute concept :) Somewhat remind me the episode "Wordplay" from the Twilight Zone.

This game was a lot of fun to play, congrats on Top 10! This game reminded me a lot like Celeste - I loved it! The dialogue was cute and funny and the puzzles were a challenge! In 30 minutes of gameplay I got 25/25 words with 64% correct XD

Extremely well done. I've finally found some time to try and solve the maths puzzle and I think I got it. I'm sure it took a lot of work to design all of these fun little riddles and to find these different ways of teaching the player new words. Something like this would be really cool for learning an actual langauge. Also the nice animations and bigger character sprites make the dialoge really enjoyable.

. (spoiler)




so on to the numbers...

I think:

1 = kwuz

2 = stomb

3 = wito

4 = lmai

5 = tuipa


Ding ding ding, you are correct! And thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Super fun game :D I really love the main concept and the art is very cute! I got 25/25 and 80% on my first try :)

Very cool game! :)

I got 68%, though I'm skeptical about the accuracy of that because of the possible distinction between "hi" and "hello"

I was able to at least write down definitions for all but 2 words, which were because I wasn't able to go back through all of the dialogue after finishing puzzles.

me like game

This was really good!!

(3 edits) (-1)

first time i got 25/25 and 72%, tried again and got 24/25 and 60%, did it again and got 25/25 and 68%. i don't remember all of what i put first…

SPOILER (tell me what's correct and what's wrong maybe?? i'm curious)






burag - hello
massi - bye
stona - please
staru - sorry
gabu - thanks
qerta - what
waatu - help
kurna - welcome
palq - to
aqew - yes
weqa - no
putu - cheese
kumo - pork
zita - fish
nakto - candy
tairu - book
mawku - kitty (or cat. people don't usually yell "cat!" though)
kwuz - one
stomb - two
wito - three
lmai - four
tuipa - five
woro - red (pink?)
deyu - green
uwba - blue

(put these answers in and got an 80% this time so that means i got 5 wrong)


laqot - for
melqita - playing

Strange, you got it all right (except for "cat", although your logic is sound, people indeed seldom yell "cat!" :D). It must be a problem with my scoring system which I barely tested. I'll fix it once the jam ends.

ahh, ok! good to know! i absolutely loved this game, by the way! it was super fun.

I absolutely yell cat

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Really nice, I love these kind of games! I got 84% with 25/25 words. The scroll speed in the notebook was a little too high for me but maybe that's just an issue with my mouse.

Also is this inspired by the Ludum Dare game of the same name that won a few years back? You should check it out if you haven't already:

Ooh, that’s an awesome game.

I was thinking about going with a different name as it honestly isn’t very original.

(1 edit)

I can't scroll down on the chromebook. Do I need to use a mouse? 


Yeah, sorry. I'll add the option to scroll with buttons but I can't make changes to the game until the end of the game jam (this Sunday).

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I really loved this game, any plans on expanding it just a little bit after the jam? maybe after you found correct translation for all 25 words?

great work btw

I don't have a mouse either, though I really like this game and plan on playing it again if it ever gets dragging or arrow scrolling.

That was really fun!

Got 20/25 with 68% accuracy. XD I think I did pretty well...haha. Great little game!  Though, I couldn't quite tell if the bow was pink or red. I went with red because it's a common color like the other two options!

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