Escape the dungeon using the Looper — a cutting-edge technology that lets you fold the space itself.

Made for Black and White Jam 8 (theme: Loop)


Arrow keys/WASD — move

Up/Z/W — jump

Space/X — activate/deactivate the looping area

R — restart the level

Down/A — dance


Art & coding: @FeatureKreep

Music: Badlands

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StatusIn development
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(51 total ratings)
Made withConstruct
Tags1-bit, Black and White, Pixel Art, Puzzle-Platformer, Retro


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12/12 coins; 12 retries, 6:17 time. Fun one!

i think i broke it

Let the guy rest a bit, he's just tired.

beatifully intricate yet simple. ^w^

I absolutely love the unique mechanics and 1-bit aesthetic of this game!

Any takers?

Woah, you're practically a speedrunner!

Super game! Controller support would be rad!

very cool, bro! Mechanics, graphics, animation — everything is great!

Cool mechanics!

unexpected mechanics make for a really good game, surprisingly! :-) <3


All I want is controller support. Super awesome game and soundtrack but when I connected my 8bitdo and it didn't recognize it I was sad. Lol, this is a brilliant platformer bro!!!


Great game! I got 10/12 coins.


Amasing game, I would like to play some more levels :)

I managed to reach this place and tried to pull out this jump, but it looks like a wall prevent the last jump, unless it's my poor parcour skills
Could be a place for a coin or a secret if you have not done it already ;)

Also, when you are falling and a wall prevents warping, you stay in freefall on that side without being able to cancel the loop, is that intentional ?



That certainly wasn't intended but good job on reaching this place! I should've definitely added a bonus there.

There are some minor bugs and issues with this version of Looper but I'm working on an update.


Wow fun game! The difficulty really spiked up hard for the final two flags tho, those two are like almost all of my deaths

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Really liked it! Very cool idea too! :D


Im really struggling with this jump, I've tried standing closer and further away from the edge and different orders of jumping and moving, but I just can't get past this.

Feel free to help me ;w;


Which jump? Can you post a screenshot?

The game is all about the creative use of the teleporting ability.


i cant reach on top


make it longer
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what thing







"Nice game, one small issue. I am inside your wall."


Haha, good thing you still finished the game! This is a known bug, I already fixed it for the version I'm working on at the moment.


Great concept.

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I loved your game and I made a gameplay on my channel

very nice game bro but i dont get why its theme loop



looks great, plays well -- cute idea!


great concept but my brain is definitely too small to get through it. Great work


The game required out of the box thinking.


this is the most original thing i have seen in my life and not only that its really well made too


well made video


It's fun and have a lot of potential and the level design great, but it's still a little  bit buggy....  5 stars 


This is crazy good. Congrats.

really like the mechanic, music and the simple style :), though I found the key mapping kinda unintuitive personally.

Thanks! I'm working on a new version that would allow key remapping.

Super fun game. Keep up the great work! 

Thank you so much for this! Your video put a smile on my face :)

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music is wonderful, is there any link to listen?

Oh found the link above, nvm :)

Really enjoyed that!!

Loved it!

very cute :) hard but fun!


This game is fuckin incredible! Great concept, mechanics, puzzles, music, and art; this game has it all! Pretty damn impressive, esp for a game jam creation. Would love to see a full version of this one day <3

Great stuff!  Cool idea, well executed!  Some of the pass through platforms were a pain but otherwise fantastic job

What a great mechanic! Had a good time with this puzzle game. Thanks for making it!

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3 minutes ago!

I'll play it tomorrow :)

Great game! It made me think a bit :)