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Hi , are u playing on continuing the project? 

bc it's so goddamn awesome


Love the references, especially the jet fuel one

Hi, are you planning a sequel


I am. I'll introduce more levels, more units, more spells and more references to conspiracy theories.


Thanks for the answer. I wish you success with the game

It is a fun short game. And i love it! :p

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Does the reverse tower defense game have to upgrade the minions? Couldn't there just be combination uses for each type. Also why is the Cleric and Knight only playable in the last level? Aaaannd you can do this game fast without using anything but basic skeleton with the upgrade system sooo.


It's a super casual game done in two days for a game jam, so there were tons of features and levels scrapped due to time constraints. I might revisit this project at a later date but for now it is what it is.


This was really good!


i need more more!


That was great. I need more <3

Nice sprites, nice idea, good gameplay! I liked it very much.


i wanna download this game

Fantastic game. Love the concept!

Absolutely love it.


Bush simulator

This is a very nice game, even though it is so short. please release more levels.

Hey for some reason I can't move with the wasd or the arrow keys

Maybe the game window is not active? Try clicking anywhere on the field.

i love this game i love come insidejob


easy live easy game

Very Very Nice!

Very fun and polished!

Deleted post

Great game!

Interesting concept , I can definitely see it turning into a longer game , Loved the game so much, the little animations add to the fun .

I enjoyed this a lot :)

Lovely, thank you!

cute and fun! :3

what a fun game! thanks for the experience!

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that was really fun

This game is awesome!

please make more!

Great game!


Cute, little game!

Fun game, but even the last level could be won by just spamming units

Even without upgrading? If so then this game is too easy.

Good game.

I would love to switch the option of clicking the numbers 1-9 for the enemys to click directly on the enemy with the mouse


appreciate the humour


Very cool graphics


time speed increases whole speed but it should only affect the crew.


This game is awesome, but it's to short.

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